Competition Categories

Engineering Plans
Space Planning

Senior Design

The competitors will be presented a technical real-life problem. They will be tasked to design and build a prototype capable of solving the given problem while respecting constraints. Afterwards, the teams will present their design and test their prototypes to the panel of judges. This competition is built for the students from the upper years of engineering.


Senior design organization leaders, Joshua Flight and Olivier Malenfant (respectfully)

Junior Design

Like the Senior Design competition, the competitors will be tasked with solving a real-life problem by building a prototype and presenting their design to a panel of judges. This competition is built for students from the first two years of engineering.


Junior design organization leaders, Ève Chamberlain and Steve Richard


Extemporaneous Debate

Competitors will debate an engineering related topic. Teams will be given limited preparation time and assigned randomly to either defend or refute on an undisclosed resolution. The competitors will be judged on their knowledge and communication skills to debate the topic in a convincing manner.


Extemporaneous debate organization leader, Dominic Roy

Consultation Engineering

The competitors will need to create a detailed submittal package to solve a large-scale industry problem given before the competition. They will act as an engineering consulting firm presenting their results to the client; represented by a panel of judges. Solutions will require a variety of engineering skills as the teams will be evaluated on the economic, the environmental, the political and the social impacts of their solutions.

Nicolas Finnigan.png

Consultation engineering organization leader, Nicolas Finnigan

Programming Console
Modern Building


The competitors will be tasked with solving a real-life industry related problem by producing a piece of industry-quality software. Their software development skills, their code writing abilities and their project management skills will be pushed to the absolute limit.


Programming organization leader, André Leblanc


The competitors will be tasked with improving and redesigning an existing engineering concept, product, technique, or technology that exists in the real word by giving it another functionality. The reengineered final product will be judged based on its ability to be used in alternative situations or scenarios.


Re-engineering organization leader, Myriam Paquet

Business Meeting
Cogs Illustration

Engineering Communications

The competitors will be tasked to do a technical presentation on an engineering related project of their choice. They will be judged on the social, the environmental, the pollical, and the economic impacts of their solution, as well as their communication skills and abilities.


Communications organization leader, Danika Leblanc

Innovative Design

The competitors will be tasked with finding an innovative way to solve a problem of their choice. They will be judged on their ability to design a new and innovative product that must solve a problem in society while considering the social, environmental, and economic impacts of their innovative design.


Innovative design organization leader, Philippe Daigle